Update: CCT’s Properties Revalued

Dear readers, shortly after REIT-it's post on why Capitaland Commercial Trust (CCT) is undervalued (See link here: https://reitit.org/2018/07/18/why-capitaland-commercial-trust-cct-is-deeply-undervalued/), CCT's half-yearly valuation report confirmed REIT-it's thesis that the capitalization rates on CCT's assets are too high by adjusting capitalization rate down by 10 basis points. In REIT-it's opinion, the revaluation is still pretty conservative with 999-year leasehold... Continue Reading →

Increasing Interest Rates on S-REITs

Increasing Interest Rate on S-REITs Dear Readers, Thank you for your overwhelming support for Sasseur REIT IPO’s analysis which has received more than 1,000 views. Some have also purchased the full report which I believe would have given you more insights into some possible ways to analyse a REIT. This post is written on the... Continue Reading →

S-REIT as a Durian Tree

Many people have asked REIT-it, "Is this a good time to buy into S-REITs?" While this is a valid question as everyone would like to buy things at its cheapest point, the truth about investing is that no one can predict where the market is heading next. S-REIT is a suitable investment vehicle for retirement... Continue Reading →

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