How does S-REIT work?

Info 0001_How Does S-REITs Work

Singapore Real Estate Investment Trust (“S-REIT”) is an investment vehicle that allows many investors to pool together money to buy commercial buildings (i.e. offices, industrial warehouse, logistics space, retail malls and more) which would otherwise be inaccessible to the average individuals like you and I.

By investing in S-REITs, you and I can expect regular (quarterly or half-yearly) dividend payout (more ang bao money throughout the year) from the rental collected from tenants in the buildings that we own through the S-REITs. This is one sure way of making our money work hard for us throughout the year! (Say yay!!!)

Disclaimer: Investment in REITs, as with other investments, carries the risk of losing value (i.e. depreciation of value in the buildings that we invest in).  So stay tuned as REIT-it unravel the beauty and beast in S-REIT investing for you.

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