$1 today is worth less than $1 after 10 years

Info 0002_REIT Value Preservation

In the long run, money kept in banks (after 2002 when interest rate on deposits drop below 2.0%) and in metal tins have one thing in common: Losing value.  

Money, when well-invested, is a good worker that can help us achieve our goal of financial freedom. Let’s put them to work by investing in S-REITs that can help use create more wealth through its healthy dividend yield (c.4.6% – 8.0% per annum).

Disclaimer: Investment in REITs, as with other investments, carries the risk of losing value (i.e. depreciation of value in the buildings that we invest in). So stay tuned as REIT-it unravel the beauty and beast in S-REIT investing for you.

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